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Big Boobs Have Sex

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big boobs have sex

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These results suggest that male sociosexual orientation is an important mediating factor in perceptions of female attractiveness and plays a role in dynamic, context -dependent mate choice. Previous studies (Gangestad, 1993; Li & Kenrick, 2006) have shown that unrestricted men rated physical attractiveness, which is assumed to be a reliable signal of mate quality, higher than personal/parenting qualities. The reverse was true for restricted individuals, who may prioritize traits other than physical attractiveness, i.e., interpersonal responsiveness and fidelity (Buss & Schmitt, 1993; Provost et al., 2008; Simpson & Gangestad, 1992).

There are a few reasons why large female breasts should be perceived as attractive. Large, developed, nulliparous breasts may signal female sexual maturity and fecundity to men (Sugiyama, 2005). It has been shown that women with low WHR and large breasts have higher mean and mid-cycle estradiol levels than other women. Also, regardless of WHR, estradiol level is higher in women with larger breasts than in women with smaller ones (Jasienska et al., 2004). Large breasts may also be a cue for better genetic quality. Due to possible instabilities at different stages of development, large breasts are more likely to be nonsymmetrical than small ones. Since low fluctuating asymmetry is a sign of good genotype, there may be a preference for large, symmetrical breasts versus asymmetrical ones (Manning et al., 1997; Moller, Soler, & Thornhill, 1995). The other argument is that, in some body mass range, breast size positively correlates with overall body mass (Katch et al., 1980), which seems to be a better predictor of judgments of attractiveness than WHR (Swami & Tovee, 2005) and strongly correlates with fertility (Frisch, 1988; Lake, Power, & Cole, 1997). As we pointed out earlier, unrestricted men should be primarily interested in female fertility; therefore, they should be more prone to choose large breasts as the most attractive ones.

If you are a woman wonderfully endowed with large breasts, you may have experienced conversations with males whose eyes tend to drift south of your face. Why do men find big breasts so attractive? What is it about large boobs that men find irresistible?

While large or small breasts have no bearing on the amount of milk a female body will produce after giving birth, larger breasts often are seen as a more ample food supply for the baby. And while this is merely a physical trait for the outside observer looking in, those without knowledge of how the female anatomy works, still believe that larger breasts will provide better.

Some authors have discussed the modern widespread fascination with breasts among heterosexual males in Western societies, especially in the United States, within the context of sexual fetishism.[4][5][6]

Modern female fashions which focus on tight clothing and the display of cleavage have been attributed to an increase in breast fetishism.[15] Display of cleavage with a low neckline is often regarded as a form of feminine flirting or seduction, as well as aesthetic or erotic. Most heterosexual men derive erotic pleasure from seeing a woman's breasts,[16] and some people derive pleasure in their female partner exposing cleavage. When cleavage is enhanced with a push-up bra or exposed by a low neckline it may draw attention.[17] There are differences of opinion as to how much cleavage exposure is acceptable in public.[18] The extent to which a woman may expose her breasts depends on social and cultural context. Displaying cleavage or any part of female breast may be considered inappropriate or even prohibited by dress codes in some settings, such as workplaces, churches, and schools, while in some spaces showing as much cleavage as possible can be permissible or even encouraged. The exposure of nipples or areolae is almost always considered toplessness, considered by some to be immodest and in some instances as lewd or indecent behavior.[19] Art historian James Laver argued that the changing standards of revealing cleavage is more prominent in evening wear than in day wear in the Western world.[20]

Some authors from the United States have discussed attraction to female breasts within the context of sexual fetishism, and have stated that it is the American fetish-object of choice,[4] or that breast fetishism is predominantly found in the United States.[26][5][6]

Having big boobs is a blessing and a curse. Like all boobs, they look awesome, make you feel sexy and can be fun to play with. But they can also end up getting in the way, making certain sex positions near impossible due to the pain and often receive unwanted comments and attention from cringe boys.

Doing doggy can be really painful. Having extremely large, heavy boobs jiggled about while they point downwards is one of the most painful and uncomfortable things ever. Imagine if you had enormous earlobes, and someone was repetitively pounding the back of your head? That's what it's like.

Mammary glands are a defining feature of mammals, but humans seem unique in granting mammaries a large sexual role. That's not to say interest in nipples is entirely unheard of elsewhere in the animal kingdom: In the book "Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity" (Stonewall Inn Editions, 1999), Canadian biologist Bruce Bagemihl notes that a couple of primate species, including humanity's close relative the bonobo, have been seen stimulating their own nipples while masturbating. Still, few mammals other than humans mate face-to-face (the behavior makes headlines when seen in the wild), so nipple stimulation isn't generally part of the script.

Researchers have long speculated that humans evolved the fatty deposits around the female mammary glands for sexual reasons. Anthropologist Owen Lovejoy argued that evolution put a bull's-eye around both female and male reproductive organs in order to promote pair bonding. In this hypothesis, it wasn't just the female breast that got a lift; men acquired relatively large penises for their body size, too. [Why Do Women Have Breasts?]

Recent studies have found that nipple stimulation enhances sexual arousal in the great majority of women, and it activates the same brain areas as vaginal and clitoral stimulation. When a sexual partner touches, massages or nibbles a woman's breasts, Young said, this triggers the release of oxytocin in the woman's brain, just like what happens when a baby nurses. But in this context, the oxytocin focuses the woman's attention on her sexual partner, strengthening her desire to bond with this person.

Attraction to breasts "is a brain organization effect that occurs in straight males when they go through puberty," Young told Live Science. "Evolution has selected for this brain organization in men that makes them attracted to the breasts in a sexual context, because the outcome is that it activates the female bonding circuit, making women feel more bonded with him. It's a behavior that males have evolved in order to stimulate the female's maternal bonding circuitry." [Why Do Men Have Nipples]

So, why did this evolutionary change happen in humans, and not in other breastfeeding mammals? Young thinks it's because we form monogamous relationships, whereas 97 percent of mammals do not. "Secondly, it might have to do with the fact that we are upright and have face-to-face sex, which provides more opportunity for nipple stimulation during sex. In monogamous voles, for example, the nipples are hanging toward the ground and the voles mate from behind, so this didn't evolve," he said. "So, maybe the nature of our sexuality has allowed greater access to the breasts."

Beautiful breasts have appealed to artists, writers and poets from time immemorial. Scientifically it could be just tissue and fat that have the power to produce milk after childbirth but aesthetically and sexually breasts have much appeal. Men love boobs. They ogle at breasts and boobs do turn them on.

During sex, while you are down to the final act, nothing is more pleasurable than fondling the breasts of your lady ever-so-lovingly (or roughly, whichever way she prefers). With clothes off or no, boobs have this invigorating power that makes sex so much more enjoyable. I mean, just a little nakedness of the titties and you are good to jump to the final act without any foreplay. Such power those mounds hold.

Ever heard of Nipple-gasm? Sure you have. The sensitive nipple area is another great erogenous zone that shoots up the feelings of pleasure. Enough stimulation to the breasts and nipples can lead to mind-blowing orgasms. With enough attention to the breasts, you can make your woman achieve the big O without any genital stimulation. The initiation of nipple-gasm can be done in any direction in any way. You can treat it well with your mouth, your teeth and a combination of saliva and breath.

All said and done, keep loving the boobies, keep treating them well! There is no denying the fact that the role of boos in sex is immense. While a man can turn on a woman by doing all his foreplay on the breasts a man can get turned on himself by touching the boobs and get his own pleasure from the boobs. No wonder men love boobs.

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