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But instead the officer let him go and then he called my home the next day and told him to sit down and he did. At the next parole board meeting he was given the same choice. He still said yes. Then he entered this website and started to read the comments. I told him I cant believe anyone would say anything bad, just because he is black, gay and struggling with addiction. I was amazed! I thought it would have caused him to say yes. He asked me if I was serious, do you really think I was going to say yes and have that be the reason to send me back to prison. I said, no and that is why. Then we discussed me trying to get my life together and him saying he could help me. He said, I know people who can help you, if you are serious about changing your life you need to call them. He gave me their number and told me I would be better off if I did. Then I called them the next day and they agreed to come to my house the next day and talk to me. I was really excited, and scared too. I really didnt know how to deal with people, especially men. I was scared and nervous. After they were done they asked me to call the officer. I was excited and nervous. And when I got to prison I was excited and nervous again. About an hour later I was called to a hearing room. I asked the officer in charge if I could say anything and he said no, so I just told the board that I wanted to help myself. They told me I would have to go back to residential and I told them I was ok with that. The parole officer was able to have one of the prosecutors arrange for me to go to an inpatient facility in another part of the state. He didn't put that in the report but he did say that in light of the fact that I had already used an earlier parole hearing to go to residential he was able to arrange for me to go to an inpatient facility where I could get proper rehab treatment and that I would not be at risk for going to residential again. I was elated. I missed my family so much but I made a choice and it was all worth it. I understand I am in a better place today then I was the day I originally came in, but I just wish I could be as happy as I was when I first walked in. I am happy everyday but I wish I could get my life together the same way I did when I was at residential.

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