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Hairstyles With Cornrows

To keep your cornrows clean without unraveling them, spray a mixture of sulfate free shampoo, water and oil onto damp hair. Lightly massage it into your scalp, squeezing the braids as you go (so as not to damage them). Rinse, and follow the same step-by-step with conditioner, oil and water.

hairstyles with cornrows

African style of braiding is one of the most popular techniques out there. It is versatile, trendy, and gives a lot of space for exploring your creative side. One such style is the cornrow braid. In this hairstyle, the hair is braided closely to the scalp. For a head full of stylish cornrow braids, you will need a highly-skilled stylist, a lot of patience and some cornrow braid hairstyles inspiration. From natural cornrow hairstyles to cornrows with extensions, you will find them all in our list of 51 best cornrow hairstyles.

Half up half down hairstyles get a hundred times better with braids. This hairstyle comes with both thin as well as thick cornrow braids in the front section tied up in a ponytail with even more braids. One of the best black hairstyles, these braids are elaborate and the thicker braids falling gloriously from up above the crown look very magnificent.

This cornrow hairstyle is a classic example of the best braids hairstyles. These braids are just another type of cornrow braids and are known to be chic and feminine. They are also typically known for their curvy nature. This particular cornrow style with beads is super stylish and looks stunning.

If you want braids without compromising on the glory of your afro, then this is the perfect look for you. This is a stylish hairstyle with two cornrows at the front like a hairband. Cornrow braids with extensions which fall from behind the ears add an arresting kind of glam to this style.

This is yet another example of the half-up-half-down trend of cornrows braided hairstyles. The hair in the front is twisted into elaborate cornrow braids and boxer braids while the hair at the side is twisted in very thin cornrows. The rest of the thick mane is just left in all in its spectacular glory.

This is a chic and stylish cornrow hairstyle which is nothing like the regular ones you have seen till now. This hairstyle is divided into two distinct parts which complement each other well and manage to stun everyone who lays eyes on it. It comes with braids in front made into a smart bun and the hair in the back are braided from the sides to gather at the center and left loose.

Here is another example of an african hairstyle mixed up with cornrow braids. This hairstyle uses straight cornrow braids and then brings the focus towards the afro. It is a simple and chic hairstyle. We are absolutely in love with this one.

This cornrow hairstyle adds a new and refreshing twist to the straight cornrow style. The cornrow braid in the center acts as a middle part and the cornrows on either side cascade down in box braids. This is an effortlessly cool look and we love it.

This cornrow style comes with both thin as well as thick braids. The alternate placement of both types of hair adds a wonderful symmetry to this hairstyle. The deep red color brings out the beauty of the cornrow braids.

With cornrow braided hairstyle, there is no dearth of options. You can have as many numbers of hairstyles to choose from as your creativity allows. This particular one combines a variety of styles into one. It uses the tree braid style to form a trendy mohawk along with some Fulani braids. The colorful beads add more of a tribal touch to this edgy and gorgeous hairdo.

Here is a perfectly trendy example of cornrows with extensions. It is different from a simple straight back and has a center parting which makes all the difference. This is an exquisite style which is simply so gorgeous.

We fell in love with this hairstyle with Fulani braids as soon as we laid our eyes on it. The elaborate cornrows in the front, as well as the smart double buns, are very attractive. The beads and gold cuffs act as the perfect accessory and complement this cornrows hairstyle well.

The most common style is the combination of thin as well as thick cornrow braided hairstyle. And there is so much that can be done with just theses two kinds of cornrows. Case in point is this hairstyle. With four thick cornrows and multiple intricate cornrows in between them, this style paints a stunning picture. The brown extensions add more definition to this hairstyle.

This is yet another cornrows hairstyle which has the braids going in two different directions. It is not just the thickness of braids but also the direction they take which makes the hairstyle look stylish. And this gorgeous goddess braid hairstyle proves this point.

Try these cornrows with extensions to add a pretty twist to your braided look. The baby pink color steals the show here and makes the cornrows pop. The styled baby hair also adds a complementing component.

This is one of the most gorgeous cornrows braided hairstyles which are in trend this year. Anybody can do straight back cornrows but this one comes with a stylish twist. Only the hair in the front is braided while those at the back are silky straight. This is a very refreshing twist. The look is completed with the addition of hoops.

Yes, cornrows braided hairstyles also come with bangs. Case in point is this beautiful hairstyle. The bangs are a showstopper but what takes this look up by many notches are the beads which also lead to Cleopatra like vibes.

This is the year of cornrows braid styles with double buns. Simply curvy cornrow braids are extended into boxy braids which are then tied into smart space buns. This is an attractive style which will make you the talk of every event you attend.

This is one of the cutest cornrows braided hairstyles that we came across. It just uses four tiny cornrows on one side and adds the necessary pizazz to your luscious curls. It gives a gorgeous definition and shape to the hair.

This is yet another prime example of cornrows with extensions. The bright blue weave brings with it drama and definition which would not have been possible with simple black hair. We also love the star-shaped cornrows up top.

This is another one of the cornrows braided hairstyles which shows how important are the baby hair to complete the look. The braids are straight and extend to boxy braids. The cleverly done baby hair complement the cornrow look well and look oh so gorgeous.

You have already seen cornrows braided hairstyles with a ponytail. Take inspiration from this one and up your braided ponytail game. It is a simple and stylish look but the addition of cuffs takes it up a notch to make it very attractive and aesthetically pleasing.

Goddess braids look gorgeous on long hair and they can look equally gorgeous on medium length hair just as in this particular style featured here. This style is a combination of cornrow braids and boxy braids which are then complemented with chunky beads and cuffs.

Cornrow hairstyles are not just chic and edgy. Cornrows can also be used to form elegant updos. And this particular hairstyle can be taken as a perfect example. This updo is very attractive and tasteful. It will also work well in formal settings.

This is another one of those elaborate cornrows braided hairstyles. We love how the braids form a twist and overlap each other to form a rope like design. This is an extremely gorgeous look to try in this year.

Forget the single or even the double bun cornrow hairstyles. Aim for more just like this hairstyle which features multiple braided buns taking the form of a Mohawk. What grabbed our attention was the buns which were left hanging loose like little pom poms.

This is another one of the cornrow hairstyles which is a smart take on the Mohawk. Cornrows from both the sides gather towards the center and are styled as such to take the shape of a chic and clean Mohawk.

This is one of the cornrows braided hairstyles which will leave you speechless with its smart and tasteful design. This is an extremely stylish cornrow hairstyle which also features a halo braid. The braids roughly take the shape of a flower and cover the crown as well as most of the back of the head. We can only imagine the level of skill used to add the thin cornrows with the halo braid.

What is a cornrows hairstyle if it is not intricate? This hairstyle mixes up cornrow braids with thick boxer braids. The boxer braids are thicker and work as a frame while the thin cornrow braids are placed in an elaborate design like a bridge between the twin boxers.

To change up her style, you can put the twists into a bun and accessorize it with a hair accessory of your choice. For a fuller look, you can take down the two-strand twists, so that she will wear twist-outs for a few days.

Since there are many cornrow hairstyles that are appropriate for little kids, you can choose age appropriate hairstyles such as lemonade braids and accessorize it to your liking so that it stays child friendly.

Depending on the region of the world, cornrows are worn by both sexes, and are, on some occasions, adorned with beads, hair cuffs, or cowrie shells. The duration of weaving cornrow braids can take may up to five hours, depending on the quantity and width.[1] Often favored for their easy maintenance, cornrows can be left in for weeks at a time if maintained through careful washing of the hair and natural oiling of the scalp. Braids are considered a protective styling on African curly hair as they allow for easy and restorative growth. Braids pulled too tightly or worn for longer lengths of time and on different hair types can cause a type of hair loss known as traction alopecia.[2]

The oldest known depictions of hairstyles that appear to be cornrows or braids are the statues known as the Venus of Brassempouy[3][4] and the Venus of Willendorf,[5][6][7] which date to 25,000-30,000 years ago and were found in modern day France and Austria.

Depictions of women with cornrows have been found in Stone Age paintings in the Tassili Plateau of the Sahara, and have been dated as far back as 3000 B.C. As well as the cornrow style is seen in depictions of ancient Cushitic people of the horn of Africa wearing this style of braids as far back as 2000 B.C.[8] The traditional hairstyle of Roman Vestal Virgins incorporated cornrows.[9][10][11]


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