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The Very Thought Of You

"The Very Thought of You," directed by Nick Hamm from a screenplay by Peter Morgan, is one of those coyly edited movies that fills in the mystifying gaps in its story by periodically doubling back to repeat a scene with new crucial information added. In its opening moments Laurence (Joseph Fiennes), the movie's frantic narrator, bangs on the door of a neighbor (Ray Winstone), whom he thinks is a psychiatrist, at 4:30 in the morning and pleads for an emergency therapy session. The whys and wherefores only become clear very late in the game.

The Very Thought Of You

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The Very Thought of You features a stellar quartet ideal for a session that calls for a light touch combined with the soul-stirring depth of feeling that Turre brings to everything that he plays. Turre is joined by pianist Kenny Barron, bassist Buster Williams, and Willie Jones III, supplemented on four of the pieces by a string octet conducted by veteran arranger Marty Sheller. An outstanding pair of guests, legendary tenor saxophonist George Coleman and guitar great Russell Malone, both lend their breathtaking mastery to the music as well.

Jesus is looking for those whose hearts are fully devoted to Him and looking for His glorious appearing in the clouds. I have been watching for the rapture of the church for almost three years, and Jesus said to look for all the signs which we see more and more everyday (Matthew 24). I was outside thinking about how soon Lord will you come, and this song popped into my head. Saints, the race is almost won, and look up, our redemption draws nigh. Maranatha.

Claiming rights against one another is a perfectly familiar phenomenon. We express the elementary thought you cannot do that to me in a variety of ways. And yet, in spite of the perfect familiarity of this phenomenon, the two standard philosophical theories of rights (the interest and the choice theories) face notorious difficulties in accounting for it. My aim in this paper is to introduce a distinctive, second-personal account of rights. I will call this the independence theory of rights, the view that rights are specifications of a basic right to independence against another. And I will argue that by taking as basic the second-personal thought you cannot do that to me the independence theory best illuminates the basic phenomenon of having rights against one another. 041b061a72


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