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Milfs In Lingerie ((INSTALL))

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milfs in lingerie

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Here are some pics of my ex's milf of a mom. I've got more pics of her if anyone wants to see, and I also have tons of pics of her panties and slutty lingerie.I'll post one or two here, then come to my profile to see the rest.

This was around 2 years ago. Today she had a bunch of boyfriends for short durations and noticeable many female friends over. One of them lived at our place for about 2 weeks and it was like wet panty heaven for my panty fetish. anyway i looked trough her room and found condoms, lube and dildos under her bed. One of the dildos was a double ended one. the look and imagination of her having sex with her female friends gave me and instant boner. I found her lingerie stash, everything in a big box. I went trough it and got turned on to the max. i just had to try them on so i wore a pair of stockings with a string and a corset like top. i had the feeling to have the largest boner in my life so far and i went further, i kept wearing the stuff, got into my shoes and jacked and went out with our dog for a walk. (Little note: my parents are on vacation for a few weeks and i stayed home alone) It was already dark and i live in a rather quiet place. At this time almost no one is on the streets. My dick was building a little tent under my jacket the whole time and i had to dodge two people but i came back home without beeing seen. (atleast i hope so) I sat down in the lingerie and started fapping. It was an impressing orgasm but not the best i had so far.

Then there is this other guy who i know since highschool. We used to be good friends and we did normal stuff except that we fapped together to porn sometimes. We once had this girl who was showing off on the cam and we sent her some dickpics of us. she continued to fap to them and my friend said what i would give him if he would suck my dick. i said idk and he started to open my pants and suck my dick. I knew where this was going to i started to give him a handjob while hes doing it and damn is cock was like triple the size of mine, even though he was only a year older. He seemed to like sucking it because he did it alot in the next months, maybe even a year. i dont remember. then there was this one night. i was sleeping over at his place and he was home alone. he played some games and then he went out of the room and came back wearing stockings and other lingerie and even a latex corset from his mothers friend. she was living at their place for a bit because her husband kicked her out. We did some roleplay and i proceeded to suck and fuck him. after i came gloryously in his ass, i continued to suck him off, because he didn't liked the feeling of fucking me. It was the first time someone came in my mouth and it wasn't that bad as i expected it to be. The warm and salty taste still surprised me a bit so i spit it out and made him laugh.After that we didn't really do anything anymore because i had a girlfriend then (mentioned above, the 5/10) and later he got one himself. 041b061a72


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