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[S2E17] Let's Go To The Movies!

Family Guy is a TV show known for its humor based on references and cutaways. Here is a list of all the movies that Family Guy makes fun of, as well as episode name/number in the details. I'll put them in order of number of references. Done Up To: S9E3

[S2E17] Let's Go to the Movies!

Penny gets fired from her movie and takes a serious look at her life decisions. Raj and Sheldon go to the movies and see Emily on a date with another guy, causing Raj to think about his relationship with her. Mrs. Wolowitz breaks her leg, and Howard and Bernadette have to become her care-givers.

The alternative is getting a nurse preferably from a third-world country that is used to suffering and smells. The caregiver could also listen to their ethnic music while taking care of Mrs. Wolowitz. She again calls out for help and Bernadette gets up to go to her. Howard asks if she wants to hear some Polish music to which Bernie tells him that her husband is a "putz".Sheldon and Raj are attending the movies together after everyone else had turned him down. Sheldon brought his own 3-D glasses so that he doesn't get nose of bridge herpes. Raj spots Emily and introduces her to Sheldon. Sheldon wants Emily to check out his forehead because he went outside without sunblock. Emily leaves before her movie starts and is then joined by another man. They leave as Emily tells him that she'll call him. Sheldon describes that as awkward and is glad that he was right because otherwise he was worried that she saw something on his forehead.

In apartment 4A, Sheldon is making tea for Raj who is upset about seeing Emily at the movies with another guy. Sheldon believes that he needs to make Chai tea for Raj since he is upset and Indian, but he doesn't have all the ingredients. Instead, he decides to make English Breakfast tea because the English destroyed India's culture}. Sheldon feels that he would never see Amy with another man because they have an ironclad Relationship Agreement. She cannot have physical contact with any man, and neither he nor Raj have had sex with their ladies. He tells Raj to stick to his guns because there will be a lot of pressure to have sex together.

Hello, I like many on here, have not seen any of the BSG shows, and having just starting to look into it am now wondering where to begin. Thanks for the list, I was just wondering is it beneficial to watch that old movie from the 70's? I rented it at the store thinking it was modern and it's NOT. I'd like things to make the most sense but don't really like movies THAT old. Thanks, Kelly

Burke gathers himself in the hallway before returning in the OR. He tells Cristina it's time to go now, because this is really dangerous. He says he can't do this or think with her in here. Meredith assures Cristina they'll be fine. Before leaving, Cristina tells Burke to be the other guy from the movies, the one who runs away from danger instead of facing it like the hero. A teary-eyed Meredith asks Dylan if he has a plan to get her out of this. Dylan is silent.

As I mentioned in other reviews, there has been no rhyme or reason to any of the storylines and how they connect. It all seems very haphazard. And let's not forget the lack of chemistry between Riggs and Roger. It no longer exists.

In a desperate last attempt to clear his name and gain public recognition of the issue, Hank creates a petition that urges citizens to boycott Arlen Video, only drawing further attention to his predicament. Hank takes "The Beast" to court by suing Arlen Video, primarily out of principle and to clear his name. A short time later, Hank receives a delivery of pornographic tapes. An attached note, signed anonymously, states that, "the answer is in the tapes." Hank views the tapes; confident the answer does indeed lie within. When the case is heard at the Arlen County Court, Hank testifies to a judge he did not rent the tape. To prove his case, Hank displays Polaroid photos he took of scenes from the movies. He points out that the star of Cuffs & Collars, Fernanda

Welcome to Double Feature, a weekly pop-culture podcast series hosted by your favorite twins, Kaitlyn and Kristina! Get ready for twice the fun and double the crazy as we dive into movies, television, cosplay, and so much more. 041b061a72


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