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LG Announce The Nexus 4 In White

White phone fans, get out your wallets: LG's white Nexus 4, which was outed (but not officially announced) earlier this month at Google I/O, is now official. The phone shares its design with the current black model of the phone, but it has white sides and a white back to go along with its (still black) front face. Rumors said the phone would be made official on June 10 and that it would come with Android 4.3, but if Google's mobile operating system is getting an update, it's apparently not coming with this phone. LG's press release explicitly mentions that it will come with Android 4.2.

LG announce the Nexus 4 in white

No more speculations, the white LG Nexus 4 is now official. By the looks of it nothing but color has changed, the phone still packs a pure Android experience (version 4.2 at the moment), a Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset and a 4.7" True HD IPS Plus display with WXGA resolution (768 x 1280) and 318ppi pixel density.

We got a special care package from LG earlier today containing the elusive but recently-announced White Nexus 4. This is the same hardware we saw at Google I/O just a short week ago which I mentioned at the end of the Nexus Experience SGS4 article.

LG Electronics has today announced a new edition for the Nexus 4 line-up, the Nexus 4 White. But the colour-based update is less exciting than news that Google will apparently be teaming up with a different smartphone-maker on a Nexus 5.

The phone was initially unavailable in South Korea due to carrier opposition, purportedly over the lack of LTE support.[25] However, an online request for the Nexus 4 launch by KT Telecom President Pyo Hyun-myung[26] led to LG's announcement that they were in talks with Google about the issue as of November 22, 2012.[27][28] Initially available only in black, a white version of the device was first offered in May 2013 in Hong Kong, with worldwide availability to follow.[29][30]

The white Nexus 4 launched much later into the phone's lifespan, so they were rare back in the day and even more so now. There are also two tiny but important additions between the original November 2012 back panel and more recent white versions. Tiny nubs were added to later Nexus 4 smartphones to address a common problem. Because the back of this device was glass and there was no camera bump, putting it on a flat surface meant there was little to no friction to hold it in place. As a result, many early Nexus 4 owners complained of phones slowly sliding off tables and countertops. And, because this phone was clad in glass on both sides, such a fall was almost certain to be fatal if the Nexus landed on a hard surface.

The phone is definitely a looker with the all-white back and sides but retains the solid black all-glass front of the black Nexus 4. When compared side by side, the two, although identical, look different.

This morning my Nexus 4 wouldn't turn on, so I plugged it in, but the white battery recharging icon doesn't show up when I press Power, and holding Power doesn't turn on the phone. Instead the notification light blinks a deep red. The screen was totally unresponsive.

This does not necessarily mean your phone is dead. Your phone will flash the red LED light briefly when the battery is completely drained. When I got this I left the phone in the charger for a while, and eventually the white "charging battery" icon appeared again. Upon turning on the device it had 0% battery. It was in fact so drained that it died while on the charger (at 0%), so I left it to charge for longer. After it regained 30% of it's battery I took it to work and it seems to be draining, charging and working normally.

I just saw it. It was a simple case of 100% discharged. To fix it use the power socket charger and not the usb charger from your laptop or desktop. The red light first goes down, then it will blink and then the white charging icon comes. Let it charge at least 10 minutes after that before you switch it on, otherwise it would shutdown again (but won't go to red light mode).

I just had the same issue with my Nexus 4, phone suddenly died, press the power button and it would flash the white Google then turn off. I tried several times use the power button and even hold both volume buttons and power at the same time, nothing. So I plugged it in the charger and saw the blinking red light, thought, "Oh no this is not good."

Then I came here and read, "This does not necessarily mean your phone is dead. Your phone will flash the red LED light briefly when the battery is completely drained," so I left the phone in the charger for a couple minutes and the white battery indicator finally came on after a couple minutes. I now realize the battery was completely drained and I did not have a glass brick for a phone. All hail the forums!


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