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The Better Part Of Valor

These days, we've change the order of this phrase a bit. We almost always hear something like, "discretion is the better part of valor." And we've changed the meaning, too. Nowadays, it means that sometimes it's better to take caution than make rash decisions.

The Better Part of Valor

Think about it: it's probably better to wait and see in some situations than go rushing in and hurting yourself. It's good not to be rash. We can get behind that. The funny thing is that we're taking advice from someone who doesn't have an ounce of valor or honor in his entire body.

It's interesting that we've made this phrase a positive, wise thing these days. We all go around town saying this now, but when it was first said, it was by an old disgraced knight who was really just looking for his next party to start. We bet next time you hear someone say this, you'll be thinking a whole different thing than they are.

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The crazy thing about it is that if they had spent more time using the litany of private investigators and been more patient, they could've actually dug up a worthwhile case that could bury Bell better than one that was genuinely as by the book as it gets.

This country's climbing number of overdoses and dangerous encounters with fentanyl is terrifying. You hear something about it almost every day, and it's particularly concerning how often it falls into the hands of teens, kids, and young adults.

It's always lovely to hear AJ and Conrad bonding on a good day, but it's been particularly special when they do it over parenthood. The scene of him, AJ, and Billie resting, kicking it, and reflecting was simple but one of the best of the hour.

But this time, Ian thwarted it with his addiction stuff, and Cade had to set aside her plans and a slice of happiness to tend to her father. Even though I'm not particularly invested in Cade and Conrad in the least, that sucked, and I felt terrible for her.

The Kumagai house documents constitute one of the most remarkable and complete sets of warrior documents. The records preserved here date from the twelfth month of 1332 through the twelfth month of 1333, and recount in particular the actions of Kumagai Naotsune, although some were also addressed to Kumagai Naouji. The Kumagai did not fight simultaneously for both sides, as did the Mikita, but they too managed to weather the collapse of Kamakura. These two collections represent the most comprehensive records of those gokenin who fought for Kamakura during its final year. The Kamakura edict is almost identical in style to the Mikita record, revealing the great consistency of Kamakura scribes. Also Naotsune and Naouji had their wounded compatriots inspected by the same battle administrators who inspected the Mikita wounded.

Falstaff: To die is to be a counterfeit, for he is but the counterfeit of a man who hath not the life of a man; but to counterfeit dying, when a man thereby liveth, is to be no counterfeit, but the true and perfect image of life indeed. The better part of valor is discretion, in the which better part I have sav'd my life.

Almost invariably quoted today as "Discretion is the better part of valor," Falstaff's phrase elegantly redeems a cowardly act. The bragging, bulbous knight has just risen from his feigned death; he had played the corpse in order to escape real death at the hands of a Scotsman hostile to Henry IV. Claiming that abstractions like "honor" and "valor" will get you nothing once you're dead, Falstaff excuses his counterfeiting as the kind of "discretion" that keeps a man from foolishly running into swords in order to cultivate a reputation for heroism. If counterfeiting keeps you alive, well then, it's not counterfeiting, but an authentic "image of life." Falstaff confuses "image" with "reality," but we forgive him; as far as he's concerned, "valor" is an image too, and you've got to stay alive in order to find more opportunities to cultivate that image.

The Celeste look-alike. The guy. In a flash it all came together as I froze, a partially digested Egg McMuffin lodged in my cheek like a panicked squirrel. My mind flashed back to Lake Louise. A Friday night. And a dance club.

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Last month, the Delaware Supreme Court in In re Investors Bancorp, Inc. Stockholder Litigation ruled that awards made by directors to themselves under equity incentive plans approved by the stockholders should nevertheless be subject to the more demanding entire fairness standard, requiring the directors to prove that the terms are fair to the corporation, if the plan lacks fixed criteria and gives the board discretion in granting themselves awards. The ruling represents a departure from an earlier line of Delaware cases that held that the ratification defense would be available and the business judgment rule would protect grants to directors so long as the plan approved by the stockholders contained meaningful limits on awards to directors. After Investors Bancorp, director awards under stockholder-approved equity incentive plans will only benefit from the business judgment rule if the plan gives directors no discretion in making awards to themselves.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been raging for well over a year in most parts of the world. Several therapeutic agents have been employed, many based on little scientific reasoning, often dictated by desperation. After several months of research, dexamethasone emerged as a possible therapeutic modality that may improve survival in patients with severe COVID-19. This finding was a turning point in the treatment of COVID-19, in contrast to previous evidence with corticosteroids in the treatment of viral pneumonia. Corticosteroids had been previously investigated in epidemics of viral pneumonia, including severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), influenza, and respiratory syncytial virus infection. No significant benefit was observed, and some studies even suggested possible harm.1

There appears to be considerable variation among clinicians regarding the type, dose, and duration of corticosteroid treatment in COVID-19. Many continue to go by personal preferences and anecdotal experience, particularly with the use of high-dose pulsed therapy with methylprednisolone. Let us review the evidence available with corticosteroid therapy in COVID-19, particularly with the type, dosing, and duration of treatment.

How about high-dose methylprednisolone, often employed by clinicians, particularly in severe COVID-19? In a retrospective cohort study, Papamanoli et al. evaluated patients with COVID-19 pneumonia with severe respiratory distress, with SpO2 of

Dexamethasone was administered for a period of 10 days in the RECOVERY trial. It is plausible that an extended duration of corticosteroid treatment may lead to adverse effects. Thrombotic complications are more likely with prolonged corticosteroid use in the procoagulant setting of COVID-19 infection.10 Besides, the risk of critical illness-related neuromuscular weakness is a well-known complication associated with prolonged corticosteroid therapy. Control of blood glucose levels may be a problem, particularly in diabetic patients. Indeed, treatment with corticosteroids in the late stage of acute respiratory syndrome beyond 2 weeks is associated with increased mortality.11 Furthermore, there is increasing concern among clinicians regarding the possible association of prolonged, high-dose corticosteroid treatment in COVID-19 and life-threatening fungal infections, including mucormycosis.12

ATTY. GEN. RENO: As I have said on previous occasions, you cannot suggest what thetiming is going to be. I used to suggest at home, "Oh, we'll get it done in two months," and thensomething would come up in the course of the investigation that would give us a new avenue thatwe had to pursue. So I've determined that it's the better part of valor not to speculate.

ATTY. GEN. RENO: I don't think people burn flags -- our flag -- very often. It is -- I mean,that flag out there is just beautiful. The deputy has a better vantage point, because out his windowit really just flies totally unfurled and it is a remarkable symbol for this nation, that this nation isstrong. And it's based in so many ways on the Bill of Rights and it has -- the Bill of Rights as wehave known them have lasted for the duration of this country's history, and I think they haveserved us well.

Q Ms. Reno, there's legislation pending in the House that is aimed at curbing alleged abuses bythe federal government in terms of seizing assets of persons associated with drug smuggling.What's the Department position on that? And are there too many abuses? 041b061a72


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