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Fatboy 3 Instructions Deer Feeder ((TOP))

Deer FeedersDeer feeders, where legal, have become very important to deer management, and a wide range of feeders are available. What's more, they can be a great help in providing needed nutrients, as we discovered during the great ice storm and late-season hard freeze during the winter/early spring of 2007.

Fatboy 3 Instructions Deer Feeder

Personally, I'm becoming more and more attracted to self, do-nothing feeders. Just fill them with corn or pellets and let the deer do the work. I've used the Knight & Hale Wildlife Feeder for many years. It's a relatively small cylinder you tie to a tree and fill with corn. Visit

Texas Hunter Products has developed and patented a new feeder that makes feeding protein pellets easy and cost effective. The feeder features a patented two-part funnel system that doesn't require any moving parts, but always keeps the high-protein food fresh. The design provides deer with clean, dry supplemental feed -- on demand. Visit

In this clip, nurse Alice is seeing a sexy new patient today, and he's much bigger than she would have expected. Her feeder side quickly comes out as she weighs and measures this 500 lb cutie. Things get very flirty as she plays with his belly and admires his fat. She even sneaks a little snack for him. The examination ends with her giving some very different diet instructions than this fatty has ever gotten before ?


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