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How to Download PGN Chess Games from and Other Popular Platforms

You will only be able to select your analysis and annotation, or the computer analysis to add to the PGN, not both. But, you can always download multiple copies of the PGN if you want to!

Send a 30 donation via Paypal and contact me via email (Email Mark Crowther - I'll send you an address for a cbv file of my personalcopy of every issue of the games in one database. Over 3 million games.

download pgn chess games

Self explanatory title, Most of the sites i have visited, Only allow downloading one game at once, So if i want to download several, It takes ages. So, is there is a website which allows downloading several pgn master games at once?

".pgn" file chess game databases can be opened, viewed and edited in apps that run on Android, Windows, Linux etc. There are many download sites, depending on what your looking for. For current event games try

If you're only getting one game at a time, you are really hitting the wrong sites. There are literally thousands of sites you can do collections at, ranging from the University of Pittsburgh Chess Club, to Mark Crowther's excellent This Week In Chess to New In Chess's pgn versions of the games in their yearbooks and magazines. Google is your friend, in this case, because there are far too many to list in a forum post: "PGN Chess games" yields over 6 million hits and "PGN chess games database" over 300K of them. Have fun.

Please upgrade ICC interface so we can search the database by position. OR please share the pgn file of all the games of ICC on a monthly update basis. This would be a real treasure of information for the game of chess.

ICC has 2 large databases actually. Librarybot contains over 70,000 games in its database which are formal games we have catalogued. And using the search function reveals games from the server that ICC has saved and I would expect this database contains possibly a million or more games given the criteria for games that are saved, and of course, games are added to this database on a daily basis.

When people analyze some games from past GMs, where do they get the database for millions of games? IIRC someone even had a database of 5 million. And they're not from ChessBase either... just PGN files used in SCID.

In the top right corner of your screen click on the button Download and select Games as PGN. A new window will pop up and here you can choose what games are you interested in.

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Please note Arbiters must be responsible about sharing games third parties. You have full access to all Private Data (eg. player names) and posting games on another site will make this private information accessible to others. If you want to maintain player Privacy, view the pages as a Spectator and only then download the games.

Reproduce and analyze your games or the positions you want. You can import your game in PGN notation or set up a position from a FEN. You can analyze your positions and games online with a powerful chess engine - Stockfish.

Arena is a free Graphical User Interface (GUI) for chess. Arena helps you in analyzing and playing games as well as in testing chess engines. It runs on Linux or Windows. Arena is compatible to UCI and Winboard protocols. Furthermore, Arena supports Chess960, DGT electronic chess boards & DGT clocks and much more.

Generating these chess puzzles took more than 50 years of CPU time. We went through 300,000,000 analysed games from the Lichess database, and re-analyzed interesting positions with Stockfish 12/13/14/15 NNUE at 40 meganodes. The resulting puzzles were then automatically tagged. To determine the rating, each attempt to solve is considered as a Glicko2 rated game between the player and the puzzle. Finally, player votes refine the tags and define popularity.

ZStandard archives are partially decompressable, so you can start downloading and then cancel at any point. You will be able to decompress the partial download if you only want a smaller set of game data.

welcome to millions of chessgames (pgn, cbv, cbh, si4, cbf, si3, nic, ...) around the internet which you can download for free (no fees, no registration, just click and download). Below you find links to free downloadable chessgames at the internet I have found since 1997. You can get chess of the best players in the world as well as open tournaments and chess of lower level. You will find large databases with millions of different games as well as small archives. You will find current chess activity as well as historical chess. You will find classical chess, correspondence chess, computer chess, annotated games and lots more!

I have sorted the links by topic or by region/country in alphabetical order (it is important for me where the most games or the most interesting games at one page are from) and I give you some information about them. Below you find a worldwide list with links to games from all over the world and a national list with links to games from specific countries. These two lists are categorized again. If you want to jump quickly to a category please use the following quick-links No. I and No. II below the next information-sections, otherwise please scroll. With the red quick-navigation bar, you can also go to the most important areas of this site.

Information: KingBase / Pierre Havard: A database with around 2 200 000 games in PGN, SCID and CBV-format, played since 1990 with a player ELO rating greater than 2000. Games have been last updated in 2019. The original source is not available anymore, but an archive can be found.

Information: Francesco Costa's Web Page on Chess - Chess Opening Database / Francesco Costa: An archive of games, classified by opening, useful for those who want to begin studying openings without having to immediately purchase books and software. You can find and download recent OTB and correspondence chess games, mainly played by the most famous Grand Masters. The downloadable files are in cbh format and to read them you have to use either ChessBase or its freeware version Chess Base Light.

Information: GM Mackenzie Molner: Annotations, used in the chess lessons of GM Mackenzie Molner. When looking at a video there is a PGN tab where the PGN analysis is shown. Games are regularly updated.

Information: Chess-Database / Karl-Heinz Milaster: This is something special: Upload a game, and get it back annotated with reference games (sorted by strength of players) and computer analyses.

Information: Bulgarian chess network: One of the largest sites about Chess in Bulgarian. This page has PGN databases with all available games from local Bulgarian tournaments for online view or free download.

Information: Swiss Chess Federation: Games from the highest Swiss team championship. As there is no single downloadpage, you have to click through the different events and dates. On the right, choose year (Saison) and round (Runde), then games (Partien).

Information: Swiss Chess Tour / Claudio Boschetti: Swiss Chess Tour organises many smaller tournaments mainly in Switzerland, and often games can be downloaded at the end. Just choose a tournament location on the right, then scroll for pgn.

Information: Britbase / John Saunders: British Chess Game Archive (Britbase); very well organized download-area of British chess. He was one of the first persons who arranged a download-area to complete a collection of all games played in one country.

Many chess players would like to learn an all-purpose chess opening, especially an opening that can be deployed with either color, White or Black, almost regardless of the opponent's moves. Only a few chess openings fit that description, possibly the King's Indian formation and a handful of others. One candidate for such a "universal" system is the Hippopotamus Opening, perhaps the most irregular of the irregular chess openings.

Here each Rook's pawn will likely advance a single square, and White will often delay castling in favor of other maneuvers. This system, the Hippopotamus Opening, is fluid and flexible and almost hypermodern - almost, but more accurately an "anti-modern" chess opening. In fact, this creeping forward with pawns to the third rank is a very old strategy, dating to the ancient pre-chess game of Shatranj.

A little history. Many old games can be found that touch on our theme, mostly experiments by Black involving 1...g6 with ...e6 and a fianchettoed King's Bishop. But the first proponent of this Hippopotamus structure was John Crittenden Thompson (1889-1971) of Newcastle, England. In the years after World War II, visiting Grandmasters often faced J.C. Thompson and his Hippopotamus in simultaneous exhibitions, where in the 1950s Thompson defeated GMs Tolush and Janosevic using this early "proto-Hippo" layout.

Few chess players, however, took any notice of the Hippopotamus Opening. Even Boris Spassky's adoption of the Hippopotamus in a World Championship match led to little research into this plan of development. Spassky used the Hippopotamus Opening twice in his unsuccessful 1966 bid to dethrone Petrosian, the reigning World Chess Champion. And though Spassky failed to beat Petrosian in this their first match the Hippopotamus Opening served him well, yeilding two draws with the Black pieces.

The principal idea of the Hippopotamus Opening is coordination and harmony in piece placement, while offering no weaknesses for the opponent to target. The Hippo player will strike in the center or maneuver for position according to the disposition of the opposing forces. Known as the "Scorpion" in Russia, this opening is largely a system for counterattack, appealing to those players who like to experiment with unusual chess openings. Keene and Botterill (The Modern Defence. Batsford, 1972) note that, "Such strength as the Hippopotamus has derives from the resilience of a cramped but not compromised position, and the dangers White will run of...being tempted into a rash advance", while Andrew Martin (The Hippopotamus Rises: The Re-emergence of a Chess Opening. Batsford, 2006) observes, "The idea is that Black develops within his first three ranks at the beginning of the game. He will construct a solid, stable yet flexible position, wait to see what White is doing and react accordingly."


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